Father’s Day Enlistment

Father’s Day Enlistment

This Father’s Day I’ve been reflecting on our Father and what He must be saying during these challenging times on earth.  Would it be fair to say the Lord of lords and King of kings could also be considered to be the Father of fathers?  The author of Hebrews referred to God as the Father of our spirit in addition to the prophet Malachi raising the rhetorical question of us all being children of the same Father.  With this being said how do we serve our Father in a way that pleases Him?  I strongly believe that we need to enlist ourselves into the LORD’s Army.
This is interesting when you think about what’s going on in our communities and our country right now from the pandemic virus to the inequality protests of social injustice.  What do you imagine the Almighty is saying right now?  I’m not the spokesperson for the world but I can however speak for myself when I tell you that He’s calling out the Warriors and soldiers to enlist.  The transition of the earthly man into the Kingdom man would be similar to a “basic training” which should harvest obedience, discernment and discipline. Next we should develop an ear to hear and the faith to put His commandments into action.
The apostle Paul instructed Timothy to endure suffering along with him, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.  Later he explained that soldiers should not get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.  Since the victory has already been won for those set apart and destined for His Kingdom, how does that effect our temporal situations? It almost parallels with Joshua while he was on his way to the promise land with the people Israel and the mixed multitude of foreign rabble.  The promise land was also extended to the Egyptians who chose to follow God instead of continuing to worship the inferior Egyptian gods or the Pharaoh which ruled the land. Simply put, following God and accepting His free gift is a choice that we have to make but He will in fact demonstrate His immeasurable power whether you choose Him or not.
After circumcising a nation and crossing with the Ark over the Jordan, Joshua came upon the Commander of the Lord’s Army. This is very similar to the angel of the LORD that finally got Balaam’s attention while riding his speaking donkey. Joshua however posed one of the most interesting questions that still consumes my thoughts today.  “Are you a friend or foe?”  This demand made total sense when it’s put in the proper context but what was the response of the LORD’s army commander?  He replied, “Neither one” and stated that he was “the commander of the LORD’s army.”  Upon hearing this, Joshua fell with his face to the ground in reverence saying, “I’m at your command, what do you want your servant to do?”  This is very interesting when you think about what’s going on today in the world we live in.
It’s natural to take sides on issues, debate beliefs and voice our disagreements.  When you reach a stalemate and neither side can be convinced, the discussion usually relocates into a secular courtroom where non-believers can settle disputes before an appointed judge.  As believers, we are instructed to take our matters before other believers with God having the final verdict on appeals.  Let’s just throw it out there and stop beating around the bush…… What if we asked God to choose a side on the racial inequality and social injustice problem we have in America.  Furthermore, what if His decision on the issues we face today is take neither side? Knowing my master personally and studying the treatment of his people set apart for His glory makes you raise an eyebrow.  How could he allow His chosen people to go through 400 years of slavery and not step in and do something about it?  Just before the Exodus from Egypt the work actually became increasingly harder as the Israelite’s had to also find the straw to make their bricks while keeping the same quota. Does God want things to get worse before they get better or is there a deeper revelation to be understood?
The generational curse of not acting on the promises God has for His people effected every single person freed from slavery and led to the wilderness.  Because of their unbelief and unwillingness to follow His lead, the Israelite’s turned an 11 day journey into a 40 year pilgrimage.  This provoked God’s anger to announce that they all must die and not one person alive will step into his promised land.  Because of God’s love for His servant Moses, he did allow him to see it from a distance from a far away mountain top just before his death.  The entire generation however died without ever seeing it or stepping foot in it due to failing to take action based on God’s word.  It then became the next generations chance under the direction of Joshua to enter the promised land God had set aside for His people.
Are we making decisions right now that is cursing our generation?  Does our generation have to die off before the next generation can see God’s promises come to pass?  Is our God standing silent while men and women are crying out to Him with their issues?  Are those issues considered to be “civilian issues” that do not exist in the new earth and new heaven our Lord has prepared for us?  Only God knows these things but I just wanted to drop you a line today to encourage you to listen to the “still silent voice” and educate yourselves.  He will speak if you have an ear to hear.  -Amen


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