GENESIS Day 1 / New Beginnings / WHY Kingdom Ministries


Today is a “Day 1” situation here in my natural and I was awake early this morning thinking about the supernatural correlation. In Genesis (which means beginning) God said on the first day, “Let there be light,” and there was light. The Bible says that the light was separated from the darkness and He called the light “day” and the darkness “night.” The evening passed and the morning came or the darkness passed and the light came marking the first day!
Lord in the supernatural correlation that I’m living out today, may you mark your territory by speaking light into my situation. Lord, you said that your word became flesh and dwelt among us which is our savior Jesus Christ who dwells among us believers through your Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord for loving me enough to have a new beginning every morning and may I be bold enough to record my moments in the valley so you’re name may be glorified and your will be done in my life. -Amen
Good morning my brothers and sisters…… This is a day one situation of a Godly alignment for us here at the Ministry and we’re praying that you’re also having a new fresh day in your life as well. God bless you!

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